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We’ve focused on finding talent that push boundaries; talent that inspires and engages others in different ways and encourages people to work at their best, and rethink the way we learn, perform, build capability and deploy technology.

Candice Mesecke

Executive Manager

Org Development & Change


Jayne Ormerod


Group L&D

Goodman Group

Louise Hope


People & Performance

Australia Film & Radio School

Tim Falchi


Learning & Engagement

Australia Institute of Sport

Laura Manning


Sales, Finance & Risk

Thomson Reuters

Murry Brissett

Senior Manager

Training & Development

Kellogg Brown & Root

Stephen Haggett


Learning & Development


James Adonis

EE Expert


Employee Enragement


New Deadline - Friday 28 April 2017 ($150 Per Entry)

View the 2017 award winners

View the 2017 award winners

Best Talent

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Learning & Capability Project

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Best Performance & Organisational Development Strategy

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  • StrategyPerformance SupportView WinnersStrategyPerformance SupportView Winners+
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Best Learning Model

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  • ModelBespoke / CustomView WinnersModelBespoke / CustomView Winners+
  • ModelOnlineView WinnersModelOnlineView Winners+
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Best elearning design

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Best technology solution deployment

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