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Keynote Session     Day 2    10:10am - 10:30am


Dr Wright , Director - Learning Solutions APAC
Since her early beginnings as an education specialist in Newcastle, NSW, Dr Gloria Wright has paved the way in challenging the global trend of ‘medicalization’, whereby a medical lens is applied to non-medical human dilemmas.  A PhD graduate and Dean’s Scholar from The University of Sydney, and today an Honorary Fellow, Dr Wright practices between Sydney and Hong Kong into the Asia Pacific region, helping adult learners re-frame limiting personal ‘identities’.

Gloria combines her experience as a practitioner, researcher and theoretician to translate groundbreaking ideas into practical strategies that change lives.  Her book “The Medicalization trap: how kids get labeled and why it’s a problem” shows how to spot global trends that limit adults and children, and how to find alternative pathways towards solving challenges.
‘I’ is for ‘Identity’: who is the ‘I’ in you, how do you judge the ‘I’ in others?
Most people understand the power of  ‘I’:  to influence, repel or unite – personally, socially and globally.  But, do we understand the root of the ‘I’, how it functions in our day to day lives, and how we can harness its’ power?  The ‘I’ factor, is indelibly linked to the complex arena of inward and outward  ‘identity formation’ of  ‘the self’: that is, how and why we come believe certain ‘truths’ about our selves and others, how this leads to ‘rapid fire’ judgment and the then, the use of ‘labels’, to explain why we think as we do. 

The latest groundbreaking research in the social processes at work in ‘labeling’ reveals how the mind creates perceptions which, in turn, inform our actions, thereby completing the circuit of the ‘I’.   Insight into this powerful mechanism gives us a distinct edge over the power over the ‘I’ to bring about the changes we want in all areas of life.
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Key Learnings:
  • - Discover the mechanism of perception formation – how we come to see ourselves and others in the
      context of problems and challenges
    - Gain greater sensitivity to  ‘rapid fire’ social judgment- learn more about ‘labeling’ and its function in
      attaching meaning to people and problems
    - Learn how to ‘reframe’ your own ‘I’  and gain mastery over its power.


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