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Headliner Session     Day 2   11:35am - 12:05pm

Nathan Bellato,  Senior Interactive L&D Officer - Instructional Designer - DEEWR
Nathan Bellato was born and raised on a vineyard, in a small country NSW town. It was here he spent much of his young life learning skills, knowledge and the reality that growing up on a vineyard is not as glamorous as it sounds. In 2007 Nathan moved to the big smoke, Canberra, where he has taken the exciting world of interactive learning by storm.  Nathan is the technical lead for interactive learning of the multi-award winning interactive learning solutions team at the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). He is also a senior member of iLearn Netmeet, the Australian Public Service eLearning Community of Practice. Nathan is passionate about interactive learning and is looking at new ways of innovative training. He has a strong understanding of making eLearning accessible with his presentations
on the topic receiving rave reviews.
Infographics: A visual link to learning.
In recent times, infographics and data visualisation has rapidly grown in popularity. Infographics take typically complex data and information and presents it in a visually engaging format.  We currently live in a world where digesting and filtering a huge amount of information is the norm. It seems everywhere we turn we are exposed to information, and with the evolution of smartphones, it even follows us in our pockets. We are often left wondering what’s actually important. So what does this mean for learning? The more important information you can remember the more likelihood training will be effective. We know majority of learners are in some way visual learners and the benefits of visual training.  In this session we will explore how to use infographics as a powerful tool to encapsulate important information, and present it in a fun and visually engaging way to enhance the learning experience. 
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Key Learnings
 - See first hand some innovative integration of infographics and learning
 - Experience how infographics can be a powerful visual tool for learning complex information
 - Learn when infographics may be preferred to eLearning


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