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                                                                                                                              A Revolution in Knowledge Sharing


Frontliner Breakout in Action    Day 1 Wednesday June 9, 2010

               Find out what's NEW!   Find out what works and what doesn't!  Share and expand your knowledge!  

 A1 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:00 - 11:30

Presenter -- Les Lisz, National L & D Manager - Australia Red Cross Blood Service
Running L&D like a business
Ever feel like the work of your L&D team is something separate from the business?  Or that the business doesn't understand or care about the work your team does?  If so, you're not alone.  One of the challenges for our profession is to help the business achieve its strategic priorities and to demonstrate our contribution to results through effective measurement.
Learning Points 
-- Explain the gap between what L&D traditionally delivers and what Business Executives want
-- Align activity with strategic priorities
-- Measure your contribution to achieving business results.

 A2 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:00 - 11:30

Presenters -- Kathryn Jenkins, Organisational Development Manager, Retail - Origin
                      -- Ben Gillingham, National S&M Manager – Aegis Aspire
Innovative learning and development within an accredited framework 2010 and Beyond
The presentation will focus on the implementation of an accredited learning and development framework within the Customer Service and Operations business unit of Origin.  There will be two speakers on the day, one from Aegis Aspire the learning and development company that designed the framework and one from the client, Origin.   The audience will gain an insight into the following:

1. Why Origin decided to go to market to find a suitable partner and model
2. An explanation of the model and how it interacted with the current learning and development
    processes within Origin
3. The critical success factors – Sustainability, client driven flexible framework, true partnership model
4. An understanding of the delivery strategies that are currently being used
5. The implementation of the framework within the business and the key learning’s
6. The business impacts this program has delivered – quantifiable data against business KPI and the commercial return
7. How the program aligned to Origins EBA

The two speakers will take the audience through the Aegis Aspire and Origin journey, giving real examples of training strategies implemented and the business improvements that Origin have realized as a result.  The information will be presented in a case study format using story telling principles.
Learning Points

-- Gain an understanding of how an accredited framework can be linked to current learning and
    development systems
-- Gain an understanding of the tangible benefits that Origin has experienced as a result of the initiative
-- Gain an understanding of the key learning’s both organizations have gained from the partnership


 A3 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:00 - 11:30

Presenter -- Sue Collaro, Senior Learning Consultant - Symmetree
Creativity ignites creativity = change
Channelling our creativity to challenge the learner. Why do so many elearning and face-to-face programs look the same? Do we follow those we have seen, even if they didn’t work? When create learning programs do we have ourselves or the learner in mind? Making change is about rewriting the habits, assumptions and beliefs residing in the unconscious. Learning establishes a communication channel between the conscious and the unconscious, allowing us to examine what we do and access more robust strategies. Surely then, learning is more than just acquiring new techniques.
Learning Points
-- Do we teach our own version of the truth or shift perspectives?
Do our own limitations translate into a poorer learning experience for learners?
How do we as educators build resilience into our thinking, and encourage our learners
   to do the same?
Where does creativity come from, nature, nurture or nightmares? How do
   we channel creativity to make more effective learning experiences?

 A4 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:00 - 11:30

Presenter -- Dawid Falck, Chief Executive Officer - TheCyberInstitute
How well do e-learners really learn?
With the growing number of conversions of training material into eLearning formats...there is also an increasing dialogue about the effectiveness of this type of learning for business and soft skills training. The Australian Institute of Management's eLearning subsidiary, TheCyberInstitute, has been monitoring learning trends for over seven years. This informative session will explain the do's and don'ts of effective instructional design and eLearning development so that adult learners really do learn through this medium. Dawid Falck, CEO of TheCyberInstitute will share the legends and myths about eLearning effectiveness and the continuum of learning. How effective are short skills based interventions as opposed to formal accredited vet sector training online? Learn what went right and what needed to be recalibrated through real life case studies during the session.
Learning Points
-- How to engage adult learners so they really learn through eLearning
-- Pitfalls to avoid in designing eLearning
-- How to convey realistic expectations to the client or in-house training.
 A5 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:00 - 11:30

Presenter -- Shane Cassidy, Principle - TDi Consultancy
Brain storming as a learning platform
We present here a novel approach in group learning namely brainstorming. Based on an ordinary dictionary, brainstorming is a method of solving problems in which all the members of a group suggest ideas and then discuss them (a brainstorming session), thus allowing learning to occur due to the various solutions being offered by the group. Employing group learning strategies in the workplace is a creative and motivating way to help participants learn. In well-structured group learning sessions, participants are accountable for the session outcomes and for helping work mates learn. Brainstorming is an ideal activity to activate participants’ prior knowledge of a subject, while engaging them physically in the learning process. One thing is essential, however, when using these or any other group creativity technique: to be effective, you must already have done enough planning to guide participants toward a project, activity or solution that satisfies your larger goals. This session is interactive.
Learning Points
-- Participate and learn a simple method of brainstorming that assists in the learning process
-- Utilise a method of identifying the root cause of a problem
-- Learn how to develop questions that matter to the participants.
 A6 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:00 - 11:30

Presenter -- Roger Courville, Author & Founder - 1080 Group LLC

How to use Twitter and social media with webinars

Webinars are an irreplaceable element of any training program, but increasingly organisations need to blend them with informal and social learning opportunities afforded by Twitter and other social media.

Join Roger Courville, author of The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook to learn how to approach and implement using social media before, during, and after webinars to optimise the learning opportunities critical to business performance.
Learning Points
Attend this live, interactive webinar to learn:
-- the three critical elements of successful webinar+social media strategy
-- a framework for mapping Twitter and social media to pre-, during, and post-webinar learning
-- how to turn passive audiences into active learners to accelerate informal-learning opportunities.
B1 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:45 - 12:15

Presenter -- Margaret Mason, E-Learning Course Development Officer
                  Sydney Adventist Hospital
From zero to 100 in 3 short months
Compliance training is difficult in any organisation; however in a hospital with a 24/7 environment and over 2400 employees, the challenge is enormous. In the past, our organisation struggled with enabling our mandatory evacuation exercises with a level of compliance sitting at minimal levels. With E-Learning a new concept for most staff, and many whose computer skills were non-existent, a solution that would fit all levels from the professional, to the kitchen hand and cleaner had to be found, and it had to be found fast. The ACHS accreditation process was looming, which made the challenge a lot more interesting.  How could we provide valid and reliable training to nearly 2000 staff in less than 4 months? In this session you will see a case study presented in a humorous way about how we did indeed achieve our goal.  At the end of 3 months we moved from less than 1 % to over 95% compliance in our Evacuation Exercise and 94% of staff reported they feel more confident in their knowledge of Fire and Evacuation procedures after completing the Evacuation online program. Okay, so it’s not quite zero to one hundred…but its close!
Learning Points
-- Experience a snapshot of how a large not-for-profit introduced E-Learning on a shoestring
-- Recognise the importance of a structured implementation plan
-- See how executive buy-in and local support are equally vital to improving compliance and learning.
B2 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:45 - 12:15

Presenter -- Jeevan Joshi, Chief Learning Officer - KnowledgeWorking
                  Peter Davis - Learning and Performance Manager - St George Bank
Using business social networking to accelerate onboarding
Starting a new job can make you feel very lonely, isolated and lost. Social networking tools are well suited to help improve employee onboarding program by providing the "socialising" aspect and a corporate "memory bank" for new employees. According to research conducted, 90 percent of best-in-class companies incorporated socialization into their onboarding process to accelerate the process to improve retention and productivity. Establishing social networking as an effective onboarding tool comes with its own set of challenges including getting management buy-in, sustaining the onboarding community and managing risk. The session share will best practices, a framework to design onboarding communities and governance requirements. It will also cover the emergence of a new skill set for Learning & Development professionals - Online Community Management. The presenters will show examples of online social networking sites for onboarding new employees.
Learning Points
-- Understand the trends and the benefits of using Social Networks to accelerate onboarding
-- Become aware of the best practices, challenges and business requirements for implementing social
   onboarding in your company
-- Understand the emerging competency for the Learning and Development professionals -Online
    Community Management.
B3 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:45 - 12:15

Presenter -- Miriam Scurrah, Snr Consultant Education & Training - AHRI
Engaging in safety: Cloning around
If you want to make safety 'sexy', come and see what Kmart has done! Creating engaging training with a small budget for a mixed audience who are not necessarily IT savvy can be challenging, learn how we overcame our barriers on a limited budget.
Learning Points
-- Learn how to engage your learners through avatars
-- Learn how to overcome issues such as limited budgets and bandwidth issues
-- Discover how to engage Gen Y without turning the Boomers off.
B4 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:45 - 12:15

Presenter -- Ramesh Nava, Vice President & General Manager - Prometric Asia Pacific, Japan & Africa
Bridging Knowledge and Performance

Measuring the retention of knowledge may suffice under certain circumstances. However, more often than not, it is the ability to apply that knowledge that differentiates a good performer from an exceptional one. Technology presents multiple and innovative ways to allow the demonstration of one’s capability but we need to understand what the options are in order to decide when and why it might be appropriate to use them.

Learning Points

-- The changing landscape of assessment methods
-- Knowledge-based vs performance-based assessment
-- When and why we should use different item types

B5 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:45 - 12:15

Presenter -- Veronica Reilly, Chief Learning Consultant - V Training
Design techniques and strategies for people transitioning from training to design

It is common for trainers to use their years of facilitation experience to move into an instructional designer role, however no-one tells you how to make this transition – until now! This session will highlight what skills and knowledge are required to be an instructional designer and most of all, how to approach a design project. You will take away a simple-to-use adult design methodology which you can apply to your next design project with ease. Whether you want to design technical, soft skill or accredited training programs, this session will provide you with practical tools to help you take the leap from trainer to designer!

Learning Points

-- Recognise your current skills and knowledge and how they apply to a design role
-- Identify any learning gaps for your future development plans
-- Apply a simple adult design methodology to any design project.

B6 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 11:45 - 12:15

Presenter -- Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director - Harbinger Group
A fresh perspective on content authoring: Creating next generation learning 
Content authoring has moved way beyond creation of simple textual pages and assessments. Today, the learners are exposed to variety of high-end digital experiences and they expect the same in their learning. Learning interactions such as learning games, branching simulations, virtual worlds and social interactions are becoming key elements to keep the learners motivated and engaged in the training material. This session focuses on various such aspects, which the trainers and educators need to consider while designing their training material for next generation learners.
Learning Points
-- Next generation learning
-- Various interactive elements included in next-gen learning
-- Tools which can help in creation of such training material.

 C1 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 12:30 - 13:00

Presenter -- Presenter - Shameer Ayyappan, Product Manager - Adobe Systems (India)
Integrating an e-learning course with Twitter to enable collaborative learning
Shameer is one of the founding members of the Instructional Designers Community of India (IDCI) and has spoken at several venues including this year's e-learning Guild Annual Gathering, the IDCI meet-up in India and the upcoming Adobe Learning Summit collocated with DevLearn 2009. This concept will demonstrate how an e-learning course has been integrated with Twitter to enable collaborative learning. We will demonstrate how this allows the user to bypass the LMS and deliver and track courses to student groups using the popular social networking tools. The presentation will also showcase how courses delivered on this social networking platform will catalyze learner collaboration, and teacher-learner interaction.

C2 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 12:30 - 13:00

Presenter -- Muffy Churches, General Manager - Performance Skills
Learning roadmaps: A hands-on experience

Strategy Mapping – From Development Issue to Learning Roadmap
In stage one of this session we outline for you a detailed learning roadmap that addresses cultural transformation around people management. Presented as a case study, we include information on the training needs identified, key objectives of the program and how this complete approach provided a long term solution. Use this comprehensive example as a take-away model for developing your own internal learning strategies and roadmaps.
Interactive Session - A Simulated Training Rollout
In stage two we take you inside our sample roadmap and you experience two key training moments along that timeline. Participants will undertake live leadership training activities including: a) Experimentation with the Coaching Model “GROW”, and b) The adaptation of conversation to various personality styles.  The session will be fun and highly interactive!

Learning Points 
-- See how a major transformational strategy map can grow organically from one key internal pain point.
-- Understand the importance of aligning learning initiatives to business goals and getting buy-in from
   stakeholders at all levels.
-- Move inside the strategy map to experience a critical learning piece.
C3 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 12:30 - 13:00

Presenter -- Kristi Abbott, Senior Learning Consultant - SimSkill
From leadership to safety, compliance to strategy (even dating) - how scenario based learning is bridging the gap
Throw out the tired training manual or reinvent eLearning content that is uninspiring, lack lustre and not achieving results. Engaging your learners can be made easy and effective through the use of scenario based learning methodologies, also referred to as immersive learning simulations (ILS).  In this session you will learn how these learning methodologies can be applied to training and online learning, the benefits they can have to the individual and the organisational as a whole, what types of learning are appropriate for this methodology and how you can
convert your current content into an immersive learning simulation. This session will be interactive and concentrate on equipping you with the knowledge and skills to be able to take this type of learning back to your business or training role.
Learning Points

-- Learn how and when to use scenario based learning
-- Learn the fundamentals of ILS s and whether it is right for your content
-- Get inspired to include more engaging training for your staff

C4 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 12:30 - 13:00

Presenter -- Dr Denise Meyerson, Head of Learning - Management Consultancy International
Building strong resilience to change – conquering the change monster
When there is a re-structure, merger or transformation, organisational teams confront the 'change monster' - the emotional and behavioural aspects of change. How can learning and development professionals support people through change initiatives by designing and delivering sessions that help build resilience to change?  What creative techniques and strategies are there to ensure that team members and managers in a workshop learn to cope with the change curve? Join this interactive session to add practical tools and techniques to your trainer toolkit to create and facilitate a dynamic program that leads to a successful change initiative.
Learning Points
-- Understand the bigger picture of the phases of change and how human emotions and social
   dynamics surface
-- Learn new experiential activities and how to de-brief them in the context of building resilience to
-- Gain insight into the case studies of workshops held in Australia Post to build changes in beliefs
    and behaviours
C5 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 12:30 - 13:00

Presenter -- Ruth McElhone, Professional eLearning Educator - B Online Learning Institute

Debunking elearning bluff and buster

In this session Ruth McElhone from B Online Learning outlines a process to start eLearning in your organisation. Drawing on case studies from the B Online Learning Master eLearning Course, and based on the article by Chris Fell, you will learn how other organisations from small to large are using the process and debunking eLearning bluff and bluster.  It is aimed at organisations who are considering eLearning to support their learning and development and also at those organisations who would like to transform their eLearning by utilising new and existing resources in house. Ruth will discuss how the tools available today are transforming the traditional approach of eLearning and empowering organisations with their rapid eLearning strategy.

Learning Points

-- Following a process to bring your eLearning in house
-- Strategies to minimise your eLearning costs and increasing ROI
-- Tools that can transform your eLearning

 C6 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 12:30 - 13:00

Presenter -- Ann Andrews, HR Training Consultant - The Corporate Toolbox
The future is coming ready or not

When an economy is in a boom, organisations tend to say 'we have no time to train our people' yet during a downturn they say, 'we have no dollar'. And sadly, it is quite common practice in a downturn to shed the HR and/ or training staff. Zig Zigler once said ’There is only one thing worse than training your staff and having them leave, and that’s not training them and having them stay!’ For the organization of the future, training has to become a strategic decision, not something done as an after-thought or as a crisis measure. The business world is facing change which is unparalleled in history. Rapid changes in technology coupled with a generation of new entrants with a very different set of values are causing mayhem in some quarters. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Learning Points
-- The five phases of a person’s job or career and the opportunities these phases present
-- The urgent need for organizations to develop a process of ‘head-lighting’ positions and future skill
-- The need for HR/training people to leverage their own knowledge so they are not vulnerable during boom
    and bust cycles.

 D1 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:00 - 14:30

Presenter -- Matthew Wheeler, Learning Consultant - Skillsoft APAC
Better L&D ROI using SkillSoft’s learning growth model
Business, government and academic organisations are changing more than ever. To keep up, learners must adapt, change and learn at every opportunity. Organisations, from small start-ups to well-known global corporations must find ways to learn continuously or they will be left behind. During these critical economic times, it is more important than ever for the learning professional to create programs that closely align with the goals of the organisation. The need for increased talent will not go away due to the current situation. Rather, it requires our entire industry to provide additional justification and do more with technology-based learning resources. The SkillSoft Learning Growth Model is a five-stage sound strategic framework that maps the path to learning maturity for an organisation and its programs.
Learning Points
-- Identify the stage where your organisation currently sits within the framework
-- Chart a realistic direction for your organisation, allowing you to choose to implement the right learning
    resources, at the correct time
-- Use this model to empower you to communicate with and enlist the support of other executives to
    successfully deliver cost-effective learning programs.

 D2 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:00 - 14:30

Presenter -- Heather Timbs, Training and Development Manager - Heritage Building Society
Align staff training and development to your business needs or go home.
A practical, no nonsense view, on the challenges and considerations that Training and Development practitioners face when aligning staff training and development to business needs. This presentation will challenge you to reconsider what type of initiatives you engage in, what outcomes your business requires, and how you measure your effectiveness and build credibility within the business context.  This will be a different look into how a Training and Development Department can add value to business outcomes and be seen as an essential contributor to business success.
Learning Points

- Develop initiatives and practices which support your business and translate learning into outcomes
- Build and maintain credibility and confidence within the business
- Get creative with technology and be business smart and outcome focused.

 D3 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:00 - 14:30

Presenter -- Bruce Hilliard, Chief Researcher - Seahorses
Rapidly building effective training packages
How do you design a training package, so your students will really understand your message and truly learn?   This is a question that has perplexed all of us at one time or another, and the need to resolve this conundrum can take a great deal of effort and time (and let’s face it – none of us can afford to waste this time in our busy lives). This session will help you to solve this puzzle, by introducing a system known as cognitive templates.   With just five easy-to-use templates you can literally create any form of presentation.   More importantly, these templates are the result of more than 18 years of research into the fields of psychology and cognitive science, so they are directly aligned to the way people assess and comprehend information.    In practice, this means that you can use these templates to rapidly create highly effective messages that genuinely assist your students to learn.
The first section of this session provides an overview of the cognitive templates. The latter part of the presentation will demonstrate the application of these templates by dynamically building lectures on subjects defined by the attendees.
Learning Points

-- Learn how these templates can be used to create the right message for optimised teaching
-- Discover how these templates can dramatically reduce your training module development time
-- See how these templates can also be used to create any form of presentation or persuasive message.

 D4 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:00 - 14:30

Presenter -- Chad Outten, Director, Learning Technologies - My Learning Space
Using social learning tools to improve organisational learning 
Moodle is an open-source learning management system that originated in Australia, and has now internationalised in more than 200 countries and 80 languages. It is designed using sound e-learning principles to help educators create effective education for the web. It can be used to deliver courseware in face to face, blended or distance mode.  The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the benefits of social tools for education using blogs, chat, forums, tags, wikis and the integration of web 2.0 services such as flickr, twitter and youtube. We ARE the web, so let's get social to enhance learning!
Learning Points

-- Cost-effective solution to deliver web-based training for clients and staff
-- Learn how to make learning engaging, fun and media rich
-- Promote learner collaboration and user-generated content creation.

 D5 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:00 - 14:30

Presenters -- Ian Whitehouse, Chief Learning Officer - GlobalNet ICT
                          Chris Toselli, Learning Consultant - GlobalNet ICT
Design and develop strategies for engaging online programs, including m-learning
A presentation that will explore the design and development strategies, systems and processes required for developing and delivering a contemporary and engaging client focused online (including mlearning) solutions.
Learning Points

-- Understand the strategies required to develop effective online learning products
-- Understand the importance of developing purposeful and effective organisational leadership,
    management and stakeholder relationships
-- Understand the importance of ensuring learning design and solution development and
    deployment is customised and contextualised to maximise effectiveness.

 D6 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:00 - 14:30

Presenter -- Larry Adler, Operations Director - webqem
Rapid e-learning & collaboration with Adobe Connect Pro
This session will include topics that will allow you to dramatically reduce your training and travel costs while securely staying connected to people from all over the globe. We will show you how to create secure online meeting rooms within seconds, allowing you to communicate with greater frequency and quality while boosting your audience attendance and participation. E-learning, tracking and rapid content creation will also be covered in this session.

Learning Points

-- Concepts of rapid elearning
-- Engaging, relevant and easy to access learning
-- Live vs. self paced learning delivery

EI Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:45 - 15:15

Presenter -- Sandra Walden Pearson, People & Culture Consultant - BestMe Consulting
Empowering your thinking for empowered results   

Every business with a people component on which organisational capability largely depends is in the people business. Irrespective of industry or sector, people constitute 100% of a business’ human resource. This HR percentage is same for all people businesses irrespective of employee numbers. So how’s business? Differences between people businesses lie in the composition of their 100% in relation to three broad categories:

The currently enthusiastic and committed -- They’re usually obvious: bright eyed and bushy tailed and totally engaged with the business.  They consistently focus their capability development on (self) win-(business)-win outcomes.
The increasingly disenchanted and disengaged -- They’re relatively obvious: intermittent vacant look and lacklustre tailed and intermittently engaged with the business. They inconsistently focus their capability development on win-win due to the interspersion of win-lose and/or lose-lose outcomes.
The terminally disconnected -- Similarly to the currently enthusiastic and committed, they’re usually obvious: blank expression and docked tailed and habitually disengaged from the business. They inconsistently focus their capability development on win-win; win-lose; lose-win; and lose-lose outcomes.  Apathy reconciles myriad outcomes. Develop your capability to ensure enthusiasm and commitment is sustainable; to enable the increasingly disenchanted and disengaged to reconnect; and to lead those terminally disconnected to leave on win-win outcome bases.

Learning Points

-- Increased personal competence
-- Enhanced social competence
-- Enriched BESTMe synergistic competence.

E2 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:45 - 15:15

Presenters -- Jenny Pita, E-Learning Manager - Sydney West Health Area Service
                          Michael Gwyther, E-Learning Director - Yum Productions
Around Australia in 80 days with the TAA e-learning competencies
This session will provide an overview of approaches to staff development in context of organisational pressures to implement e learning through accredited PD. It will explore and contrast deliveries of TAA e learning competencies and how deliveries were shaped by ICT skills of trainer's, trainers resistance and imagination, available infrastructure and internal processes for evaluating new learning training opportunities as well as organisational readiness for e learning implementation. We will also explore design issues for e learning programs based on staff skills and infrastructure issues. It also follows how we scaffold trainers (new to e learning) existing skills into approaches for blended learning at organisations including Grampians Health, CAE, various TAFE and Sydney West Area Health Service as well as Corporate trainers.
Learning Points

-- Staff development approaches that enable rapid deployment of elearning
-- Staff training ideas
-- Developing policy infrastructure to fast track e learning implementation.

E3 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:45 - 15:15

Presenter -- Tania Tytherleigh, Master Corporate Trainer - Tytherleigh Training & Consulting
Learning Leaders - Build and maintain learner connections
Delivering a great training session is more than just knowing your content - it's about connecting with learners. Too many trainers lose their learners because they fail to build connections through their delivery and their methodology. This session will reveal 3 secrets to build and maintain learner connections. Secret No 1:  Be curious about your learners. Connection begins with curiousity. You need to get inside the hearts and minds of your learners. This session will reveal how you can do this easily and effortlessly. Secret No. 2:  Be courageous about you. Connection proceeds when you learn some easy things you need to do to bring your whole self to the training room. Secret No. 3: Build rapport Connection develops and grows through rapport- that state of trust and responsiveness in which great learning happens. There are 3 easy ways to build rapport   this session will show you how.
Learning Points

-- Too many trainers rely on their expertise. For the edge - the wow factor - learning how to connect
    will be the difference that makes the difference to you, your learners and your business
--  We are in the business of making a difference. Without connection our ability to do this is constrained
-- We are role models for our learners. Modeling good connection techniques is the value add beyond the
    subject matter they learn from you.

E4 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:45 - 15:15

Presenter -- Marc Ratcliffe, Head of Learning - MRWED Training & Assessment
Games with frontiers: 12 Proven technology-based activities for a modern training and development.
Overview: In most situations, a carefully selected game or activity will support the trainer in attracting and maintaining interest in their session. In an ever-changing world with increasingly tech-savvy candidates, we need to use contemporary tools to hold their interest. If they are not playing they are straying, so we need to find the ying and yang relationship of content and supporting activity. Remember, games are not the antithesis of content. They help to challenge, reinforce, persuade, refocus and reassure participants. This session adds 12 proven technology-based activities to the trainer s tool kit to engage and support learning and at the same time enliven the educational experience. Participants will have a chance to play/practice a selection of the techniques as well as participate in debriefing them.
Learning Points

-- Participants will have 12 new activities to add to their training practice.
-- Participants will experience the activities modeled live, so they have the best opportunity to replicate
-- Participants will receive a list with templates and instructions as a "take-away"

E5 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:45 - 15:15

Presenter -- Rafael Lami Dozo, BD Manager - Questionmark Corporation

How to measure the talent you manage

One of the most common challenges facing organizations is “measuring” their workforce talent’s knowledge, skills and attitudes. An essential requirement is effective assessment. During this session we will review the necessary steps for authoring successful assessments - from the creation of measurable objectives to understanding the differences between assessments for knowledge, skills, or attitudes. We will also analyse different types of assessment questions, from response and scoring perspectives, as well as different forms of assessment from purpose and stakes viewpoints.

Learning Points

-- Create measurable objectives
-- Differentiate between different types of questions in terms of responses expected and scoring methods
-- Differentiate between the forms of assessment in terms of purpose and stakes

E6 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 14:30 - 15:15

Presenter -- Michael ter Haar, CEO - Mind Resources
Online soft-skills learning post GFC

Michael has 15 years experience in the Learning & Development industry as a facilitator, instructional designer, IP developer, CEO of a learning technology business, and for the last six years as CEO of Mind Resources. Michael will be sharing his expertise in field of Online Soft-Skills training, providing insight on L&D strategies being considered by leading organisations across ANZ and APAC, post GFC.

Learning Points

-- The advantages and disadvantages of using Online Learning technologies
-- Potential obstacles often encountered by new online learning users
-- Budget concerns for implementing L&D initiatives post GFC.
F1 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 15:30 - 16:00

Presenter -- Kailas Kerr, Senior Learning Consultant - Central Desert Training
Training Indigenous Australians from remote communities for greater social engagement
This session will provide participants with no prior knowledge of remote training in Central Australian Indigenous communities with an insight into some of the comple issues involved. Participants with prior experience working or delivering training to remote Indigenous people will gain additional insights into managing and executing training in remote Indigenous communities. The session will discuss the barriers to delivering effective training in remote locations including, poor health, poor literacy and numeracy, vast distances, lack of access to employment opportunities, substance abuse issues, the cultural divide and the minimal exposure to the expectations of mainstream Australian training and working life. Case studies from the Mining Industry, the Conservation and Land Management Industry the Fine Arts Industry and the Horticulture Industry will be utilised to provide participants with insights into how to navigate the associated challenges and deliver effective training to Indigenous Australians from remote communities.
Learning Points

-- Understand the challenges associated with training Indigenous Australians from remote Indigenous
-- Learn how to best overcome the challenges
-- Learn how to implement an Indigenous training and employment program.

F2 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 15:30 - 16:00

Presenter -- Rhys Moult, Learning Consultant - We-Learn
DIY ID: Releasing your inner instructional designer
All this talk of Instructional Design makes people think that developing e-learning resources is the domain of the "Trained Instructional Designer". As a trainer you have the power to unleash your inner Instructional Designer. This session will explore some ways to shorten the learning curve and reduce your costs when taking the route of DIY ID.
Learning Points

-- Gain new confidence
-- Explore new ideas
-- Save lots of cash.

F3 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 15:30 - 16:00

Presenter -- Alastair Rylatt, CEO - Alastair Rylatt Consulting
Smarter deeper learning
In today's busy world creating time for reflection and deeper learning is essential. For training and development presenters and designers creating a culture of deeper reflection enhances individual, team and organisaitional performance.  Learn how you can help yourself and others perform this key skill better. Leave with a practical tips and suggestions on smarter better reflection.
Learning Points

-- Describe five key ways in which employees can better reflect in the workplace
-- State why reflection is fundamental to successful business
-- Apply the lessons learnt to one's own life.

F4 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 15:30 - 16:00

Presenters -- Dai Vuong, E-Learning Projects Officer - Energy Australia
                       -- Richard Stubley, Head of Learning Design - OpenLearn
Maintaining effective design when using rapid authoring tools   
Why use rapid elearning? It s about getting content online and being able to update more rapidly than before. In addition, rapid prototyping means the design process can be shortened and ownership can be shared with stakeholders. But it s also about meeting the organisation s and the learner s needs more rapidly. Respect time constraints; enable the learning objectives to be attained economically. In order to achieve this, good instructional design is still the key. The learner must be engaged immediately, the focus must be on performance, and information overload is to be avoided. This session will explore techniques for ensuring that the learner is engaged, that content is concise, that activities and results are performance-related.
Learning Points
-- Realise the benefits and pitfalls of rapid elearning
-- Explore design principles that ensure success
-- See examples of successful rapid elearning.
 F5 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 15:30 - 16:00

Presenter -- Catherine Smithson, Change Management Expert - Being Human
Change is the new normal for learning leaders
Change is the new normal - organisations and their people need to be adaptable and flexible to succeed in a world of constant change. Yet all too often, change leadership is lacking and front line staff resists rather than embrace change – which can result in failed change and more resistance next time round. In this interactive sessio Catherine will cover why Change Management is a “must have” for change projects not a “nice to have”. The role of L&D professionals in change - where we are and where we need to be. The hazards for L&D professionals to avoid in change.
Learning Points
-- Learn three key ways to sell the need for Change Management
-- Get clear on the role of L&D professionals in change projects
-- Know what common traps and pitfalls to avoid in change.
 F6 Frontliner Breakout Session  

 Day 1 Wednesday 9 June - 15:30 - 16:00

Presenters -- Alison Schiena, Senior Project Officer, Learning & Performance - Housing NSW
                           Steve Grocott, CEO - Nine Lanterns
Strategy for eLearning adoption & acceptance for government

This session will address the evolution of eLearning at Housing NSW moving from 500 completions in 2008 to 49,500 completions in 2009. Previously Housing NSW followed an entirely outsourced model, purchasing generic, off-the-shelf compliance training. The challenges faced while transitioning away from this model included:
-- Raise the profile of and commitment to eLearning within the organisation having only used a page
    turning approach previously
-- Internal sales to executive and project teams to get their buy-in
-- Move project ownership of content in-house reducing the reliance on external suppliers
-- Improve the consistency of training material and design, visually and in terms of learning approach
-- Enable Housing NSW to develop rich, contextualised learning in-house
-- Allow Housing NSW to maintain content internally without needing to engage an external supplier
-- Ensure ease of use for selected solution(s)

This session will also outline the approach of engaging specialist eLearning providers to create engaging learning experiences whilst maintaining control of costs using templates.

Learning Points
-- Awareness of the challenges facing government in eLearning deployment
-- Awareness of tactics & strategies for successful adoption
-- Awareness of rapid development tools for eLearning content creation