Enter 2020

The 2020 criterion and entry system have been modernised/updated. There’s now 4 sets of criteria instead of 10.
The entry system is fully online so you can draft/edit/save/upload files at your own pace before final submission.

Your easy application guide.

1. Click on each category to view awards.

2. Click on the ? symbol to view each award description and criteria/questions.

3. Click on the + symbol to select/purchase your entry/s.

4. Click on the REGISTER tab at the end of the page. Input the required information and select payment option.
Paying by C/Card you will get immediate access and full entry mode.
Paying by invoice you will get access without entry mode until payment is made.

5. You will receive an email notification with your unique login details.
You can now login at your convenience and start your application/s.

6. You control the process. Edit/save and upload supporting materials, including different file types, pdfs, images, videos, links etc.
There’s no limit to the backup documentation, except the file size in some cases.
When you are happy with your work, then submit anytime before the deadline expires – Friday 19th June 2020.

You will be notified by return email that your entry/s have been received.